We think we have time. We think we have the chance to redo things or fix them. But what if time is an illusion? What if time is nothing but a mere tool that makes us believe that we can keep making the same mistakes until the “right” time comes and we get to magically […]

A Roar, A Lioness

शेरनी. Sherni. Lioness. A warrior, a word connotated with a powerful female. I am imperfect. I have hurt people. I have shot down help from the people that cared about me and I didn’t recognise the love and warmth of people who spent their nights awake for me. I made mistakes. But that doesn’t define […]

“New Year, New Me”?

First and foremost, Happy New Year! Since it was a new year, I heard a lot of people being inspired to “change” themselves in one day but there were more people who, well, went salty and practically single-handedly brought down the entire excitement for the new year. Yeah, I do agree with those salty people. […]