“New Year, New Me”?

First and foremost, Happy New Year!

Since it was a new year, I heard a lot of people being inspired to “change” themselves in one day but there were more people who, well, went salty and practically single-handedly brought down the entire excitement for the new year.

Yeah, I do agree with those salty people. By changing one number in a year of four digits, it doesn’t make you a better person over the night. Because trust me, that resolution is going to dissolve into thin air the moment you get back to work on January 2. But to the people who were inspired to improve on something about themselves, well, that’s a brilliant idea, but just don’t expect it to happen in a day! In fact, I believe that if that change in number is giving you hope to do something, to change, improve or build something new, do it! The only difference is that it’s going to take just as much time, if not more, than it would take if you started on any other day except January 1.

My point, don’t wait for the new year if you really want to change something or start something new.

Short post, but I had to write something about the cold war going on between these two parties (yes, it’s Jan 4th and people are STILL going crazy).

Be kind to one another.

Love, Sakhi.



Oh and here’s a hilarious Harry Potter meme to finish off the post with.




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