We think we have time. We think we have the chance to redo things or fix them.

But what if time is an illusion? What if time is nothing but a mere tool that makes us believe that we can keep making the same mistakes until the “right” time comes and we get to magically stop doing what we have or everything fixes itself automatically?

What if time depends on us?

What if the ultimate realisation is that time is constant but what we do with it alters how it feels to us, and that time is reliant on us, and not the other way round?

What if time is meant to keep us in check with reality? With every passing second, what if time is meant to keep reminding us to breathe? To exist in the moment?

To make decisions that affect the ‘now’. For the good or for the bad.

What if time is telling us that what’s most important is that what we want from the future isn’t going to come unless we let the now matter?

What if time is telling us that now is what we have. And yet, blip, there it went. ‘Now’ is the past now. And another ‘now’ brings another opportunity to go behind what your heart yearns.

People may forgive mistakes in time, but time never forgives anyone.

It simply doesn’t have the time to do so.


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