The World’s Going To Seem Brighter

So it’s established that the world is a giant dumpster right now. I don’t even think I could list the peculiar events of 2020 in this one blog post. We’re so used to our new normal. Yes, we are irritated but none of us are surprised if there’s a new case of the virus around us or if a certain political figure imposes stringent immigration policies that have nothing to do with the pandemic.

In fact, every virtual conversation I’ve had with peers and family starts with the same thing, “How’s the situation there? Accha good chalo you guys are keeping safe. Ya ya, the situation here is really bad. But sab safe hai. Changa hai.”

I was talking to my advisor the other day (I promise this detour is not really a detour). We used the same old coronavirus conversation starter, but something she said to me made this one particular conversation stand out.

“The world’s going to seem brighter at the end of it.”

I – what.

I didn’t know how to respond to that. A small, genuine smile appeared on my face and that was the extent of it. A warm fluttery feeling in my heart. What was I feeling?


You know if you think about it, hope and the virus have one thing in common – they’re both goddamn contagious. It’s been 11 days since the meeting with my advisor and I still feel hopeful. You can spread either. Pick wisely.

“The world’s going to seem brighter at the end of it.”

We will step out. God, we’ll step out without masks. The air cleaner, the trees greener. Evenings at the mall. Trying outfits at the trial room. Eating pani-puri at Sharma chat wala. I’ll have dance practices with my team. I’ll hug every single one of them.

Damn. Beauty in mundanity.

I’ll grab a cup of coffee, ride the metro bus and go downtown with a bunch of friends. We’ll grab a frisbee and play on the field. I won’t have to worry about using a sanitiser – I probably still might because we’re all going to come out of this being massive germaphobes. But hey, that’s a small price for freedom now.

Every small thing that was once simple and often overlooked is going to feel so unique, like a blessing. Walking outside the house will feel like a gift. Every day will probably feel like Christmas for a while. Magic in the air, smiles on people’s faces. Isn’t that wonderful?

Hope for the post-corona era does not overlook the good things about the lockdown too. We’re learning the art of slowing down. Of reflecting inward. Nature is healing (well, some of it). Everyone’s a baker now (and non-bakers like me are so thankful for the yummy goodies everywhere – more power to small businesses!).

Despite the goodness of the lockdown, I can’t wait –

Nope. Rephrase.

I’m okay waiting for the post-pandemic world, even though it can be frustrating at times. I am hopeful.

Because the world’s going to seem brighter at the end of it.

This post’s song has nothing to do with the content to be honest. It’s just a Hamilton song that I hummed while writing this.

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